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Feminized Sissy Justice, A Forced Feminization Sissy Story is very exciting and will have you on a surprising journey! This is the most recent sissy erotica book published by author Betty Cross.

It tells the story of an inmate who gives up his manhood and undergoes feminization treatment to reduce his conviction sentence. He is tortured, punished, and humiliated by brutal lesbians with a passion for bondage and femdom. The inmate is also abused by the very people he had formerly victimized.

Officer Stikes – the cruel parole officer who is responsible for Miss Jenny Mixen – ties him up in bondage and gradually feminizes him, introducing him to the delights of crossdressing and forced sissification.

The poor sissy is subject to slave training, blackmail, trampling, caging, electrical play, castration fantasies, forced bi, and puppy training. The other inmates have the same fate as he does. This is one of the most exciting sissy erotica books out there, so be sure to give it a try!

Erotic Feminization Sissy Maid Stories review

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Featuring kinky crossdresser sex, forced feminization, panty training, sex parties, and public humiliation, Erotic Feminization Sissy Maid Stories will keep you busy for hours.

This kinky feminization sissy book contains three stories featuring ordinary sissy boys and their dominant mistresses. The result is some extreme sissy training and forced feminization.

One of my favorite stories in the book is about a sissy who gets caught by an older lady and so he becomes her obedient slave. Another story features a beautiful, dominant mistress who shows her sissy husband how to wear frilly dresses and look like a sweet girl.

The third story – Shopping for panties with Miss Amanda – is very fun and erotic, featuring a cute teen girl who is willing to help sissies buy panties and kinky lingerie. If you are looking for a sissy book that is highly arousing and filled with kinky crossdresser sex, look no further.

Latest crossdresser book review!

cross dressing sissy stories!
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Feast your naughty eyes on three sissy stories featuring kinky crossdressing sex, forced sissification, and sissy training. Erotic Crossdressing Sissy Stories Collection is one of the most exciting sissy books out there!

It contains three different stories featuring real sissies who find themselves in all sorts of interesting situations that will turn you on.

“Training of a kept sissy” is the story of a sissy who becomes the obedient slave of a cruel mistress. She lives in a big manor filled with sissy boys and dominant women. The second story is about a crossdresser and his roommate.

“My neighbor’s surprise,” the third story, features an ordinary boy who falls in love with his sexy next door neighbor and then realizes that she has something extra beneath her skirt. Erotic Crossdressing Sissy Stories Collection is highly arousing, fun, and exciting. This is the kind of book that will bring a smile on your face and keep you busy for hours.