Crossdressing sissy maid stories

Perhaps one of the most popular types of stories of crossdressing are the crossdresser sissy maid stories! It seems to be the goal of almost all sissy crossdressers to have a cute maid outfit.

Crossdressing sissy maid stories are often erotic with kinky sex and sexy story lines. A recurring theme for these stories of crossdressing is the husband gets made into a pretty maid and is feminized by the wife.

In other crossdresser maid stories the man is blackmailed into being a maid, or the boy’s sister convinces him to be feminized and be a maid. Forced crossdressing maid stories are popular also.

In these stories of crossdressing, the man or boy is “forced” to be feminized and made into a maid. They often have to entertain guest as the maid in a sexy, skimpy outfit with erotic things happening.

forced crossdresser maids
Subjugation of a sissy maid

Kinky stories of crossdressing maids by Author Harley Makepeace

stories of crossdressing
A sissy is Maid

Husband turned into a crossdressing maid, by Parker Watson

crossdressing maid
Enforced Humiliation of a Sissy Maid

Crossdresser forced to be a pretty maid by Author Jo Santana

forced maid husband

Husband gets made into a crossdressing maid by wife, by Hugh Bowen

crossdressing feminization
They’re girls now!

Crossdresser boy becomes a maid, by Sandy Thomas

sissy crossdressers

Great kinky crossdresser stories, by Barabara Deloto

Magical transformations of the guy being made into a sexy maid is also popular. Often in these stories of crossdressing the guy is completely turned into a beautiful female, with all kinds of erotic results. Maid transformations really get wild as there is no limit to the imagination.

In many of the crossdresser maid stories the pretty maid is forced to go on dates with guys, going all the way with them. So there is plenty of erotic and sexy story lines with crossdressing sissy maid stories.

sissy crossdressers
Submission of the Sissy Maid

Kinky crossdressing maid fantasy story by Author Jo Santana

sissy stories of crossdressing
Made Into A Pretty Maid

Erotic stories of crossdressing maid, by Eden Tanner

maid crossdressers
The Obedient Sissy

Wife turns husband into crossdresser maid, by Author Drew Samuels

crossdressing maid stories
Forced to be a sissy maid!

Sexy forced crossdressing maid story by Author Jo Santana

crossdressing sissy maid
Total surrender

Kinky crossdresser sissy maid tale by Jo Santana

stories of crossdressing maids
How to be a sissy maid

Find out how to be a real crossdresser maid, by Author Jo Santana

You can choose from many different authors for these great stories of crossdressing maids. You will find that one or two have a style that you really like and will want to read all their crossdressing stories books!

Many also have fantastic and kinky crossdresser maid drawings and pictures inside the books also. These add lots of excitement and teasing to the stories as you get a visual look at what the author is thinking as they write these stories of crossdressing maids.

If your a big fan of crossdressing sissy maid stories, or feminization stories in general, make sure you check out these great crossdresser maid stories. You can find hundreds more once you click one, so see them all today!