Erotic stories of crossdressing

I think all crossdressers love erotic stories of crossdressing. In fact many only want to read a crossdressing story for the thrill of kinky and teasing stories of crossdressers in sexy situations.

One of the most common types of these stories of crossdressing are the crossdresser schoolgirl stories. The thought of a cute crossdresser being forced to be in an all girls school dressed as a female sure has some kink to it!

Forced feminization plays a large role in these types of stories, as the crossdresser seems to have no choice but to become a pretty crossdressing girl. They often have to date guys, with erotic results.

Steamy lesbian affairs also play a part in these stories, as the crossdressing schoolgirl gets caught in the locker room or gets blackmailed and humiliated to do kinky things.

erotic crossdresser schoolgirl
Crossdressing schoolgirl Sister

Kinky crossdresser schoolgirl stories, by Jo Santana

crossdressing tales
Humiliation of a student nurse

Boy crossdresses and pretends to be nurse, by Jo Santana

crossdresser stories
Crossdressing weekend for life

Crossdressing fantasy erotic story, by Casey Devon

stories of crossdressing
The crossdressing trap

Forced crossdressing schoolgirl boy, by Jo Santana

cross dresser stories
Forced To Be a Schoolgirl

More erotic forced crossdresser schoolgirl stories by Jo Santana

Cross dresser boarding school
Sent to girls boarding school

Crossdressing boy sent to all female school, by Jo Santana

Not all erotic stories are about schoolgirls. There are plenty that have a storyline about sisters making their brother into a cute crossdresser, then inviting her girlfriends over to play with her new feminized girl.

Or perhaps a wife who feminizes her husband and cuckolds him into letting her be with another man as he watches, maybe servicing the man as a pretty sissy maid. Or entertaining her girlfriends as a crossdressed sissy.

Cross dressing story
Training of a kept sissy!

Sissy gets trained to be a slut, by Betty Cross

Sissy tales
Crossdressing sissy tales

Two erotic sissy short stories by Betty Cross

Erotic crossdressing stories
Change of shift, change of sex

Kinky story of a crossdressing cop, by Tyler Cameron

crossdressing stories
Crossdressing Torment

Forced to be a crossdressing schoolgirl, by Jo Santana

forced crossdressing schoolgirl
The replacement schoolgirl

Sister forces brother to be schoolgirl, by Jo Santana

crossdressing stories
Brother to schoolgirl Sister

Sister has brother crossdress and be her at school, by Jo Santana

Many of these erotic stories of crossdressing also have fantastic drawings and pictures of the pretty crossdressing sissys in their maid outfits, stockings and panties. Getting humiliated, tied up or used by their dominant women.

You can find hundreds of these great stories of crossdressing inside here. With many different authors your sure to find some that are exactly what your looking for, written in the style you like.

So if your looking for erotic stories of crossdressing, check them all out by clicking any of the ones above and seeing them all. You can choose from paperbacks or Ebooks that you can read on your computer or Kindle. :)