General stories of crossdressing

On this page you can find a general mix of the most popular and common stories of crossdressing. There’s a bit of everything, from stories of crossdresser sissy maids, magical crossdresser transformations, crossdresser schoolgirls, forced feminization to practical crossdresser advice.

If you want to see more in a specific niche, check out the other categories you see on this site. We all have our own types of crossdresser stories we love and you can find them all here.

Crossdresser sissy maid stories are popular and often have an erotic theme to them. Forced feminization has it’s own appeal, as does magical crossdresser transformation stories. In these often the guy is changed completely to a pretty girl!

Then we have many true stories of crossdressing, from well known crossdressers. You can read stories on how to become a crossdresser with makeup tips, clothing advice and lots more. These stories of crossdressing cover everything you want to know.

transformation stories
A magical transformation

Kinky crossdresser transformation story by Rafael Rafael

Sissy tales
Crossdressing sissy tales

Two erotic sissy short stories by Betty Cross

Cross dressing story
Training of a kept sissy!

Sissy gets trained to be a slut, by Betty Cross

kinky crossdressing stories
Husband to sissy

Great stories of crossdressing series by Sandy Thomas

Cross dresser boarding school
Sent to girls boarding school

Crossdresser boy forced to be girl at girls boarding school, hot! by Jo Santana

True crossdresser story
Alice in genderland

True crossdresser story by the real Richard Novic M.D.

You can find these great stories of crossdressing both in paperback books as well as downloadable Ebooks. With Ebooks you can read them on your computer, tablet or a kindle reader.

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Kinky crossdresser story
Change of shift, sex

Stories of crossdressing, cop as a crossdresser, very kinky, by Tyler Cameron

stories of crossdressing
Ultimate revenge

Erotic fiction transformation crossdressing stories by Herman Franck Esq.

Ariane Arborene's Classic FemDom Stories
Classic FemDom Stories

Dominate femdom women feminize crossdressers, by Ariane Arborene

 crossdressing transformation
Transformation of James

Erotic crossdressing transformation stories, by Harley Makepeace

crossdressing tales
Cross-dress for success

A “how to” guide for crossdressing, by Veronica Vera

crossdresser feminization
Feminine Proposal

Kinky feminized stories of crossdressing by Sandy Thomas

crossdressing guide
Get Dressed!

Helpful advice for crossdressers, by Gina Lance

crossdressing sissy maids
Forced to be a sissy maid!

Forced sissy maid crossdresser story by Author Jo Santana

erotic stories
Virgin bride!

Forced feminization crossdresser stories, by Author Barbara Deloto

Many of these crossdresser authors also use drawings, illustrations or pictures in their stories. Often they are very erotic, showing the crossdresser in sexy panties, stockings and tiny feminine outfits. They may be getting spanked, played with or more!

Good stories of crossdressing always have some erotic drawings or pictures. The crossdresser guide stories have great pictures that show the proper way to apply makeup, trim your eyebrows, paint your fingernails and so on.

forced feminization stories
The Melinoe Project

Erotic stories of crossdressing by Author D. L. King

forced crossdresser husbands
The Dominant Wives

Kinky femdom mistress stories, by Author Eric Stanton

stories of crossdressing
Forced To Be a Schoolgirl

Forced stories of crossdressing, erotic and kinky by Jo Santana

crossdressing sissy maid
Total surrender

An erotic crossdresser sissy maid story by Jo Santana

forced feminization crossdresser
Changes, forced feminization

Five forced feminization crossdresser stories by Barbara Deloto

forced husband crossdresser
My wife made me her girl friend!

Kinky Cross dresser story with a wife, by Casey Devon

As you can see you have many different types of crossdressing stories to choose from. Each author has his or hers own style that some are attracted to. You should try reading stories from several different authors to find one you like the best.

There are hundreds of crossdresser stories you can find, these are just a sample. For many more check out all the stories of crossdressing books you can find inside here today!

From would-be crossdresser maids to magical transformations to true crossdresser stories and how-to guides, you can find them all here. So browse all the great stories of crossdressing and buy a few that peak your interest, you’ll be glad you did. :)