How to crossdress guide, tips for crossdressers stories

Another very popular stories of crossdressing niche is the how-to stories. All crossdressers want to look their best and most at some point want to try to pass as a female or put on makeup and other feminine stuff.

It’s a lot harder then it looks to put on lipstick correctly, get your eyeshadow on right or shape your eyebrows the right way. Below you can find great “how-to” crossdresser guide stories.

Some of these stories of crossdressing guide you through all the stages of putting on makeup, teaching you how to put on foundation to smooth out your skin and highlight your best features while hiding your worst ones!

Others show you how to pick womens clothing out that match and flatter your figure while hiding your gut or making your neck look shorter. You will find out about hip and butt pads to make you look better in all the right spots.

crossdresser tips
7 Secrets of Successful Crossdressers

Great crossdresser tips, by author Lacey Leigh

The lazy crossdresser guide
The lazy crossdresser

How-to guide for crossdressers, by Charles Anders

crossdressing guide
Miss Vera’s Cross-Dress for Success

Crossdressing steps and lessons, by Veronica Vera

stories of crossdressing
Crossdressers : And Those Who Share Their Lives

Practical guide for crossdressers by Peggy Ed.D Rudd

guide for crossdressers
She’s not the man I married

Crossdressers wife gives advice, by Helen Boyd

crossdressing tips
Art & Illusion

How-to makeup guide, by JoAnn Roberts

Some of these stories of crossdressing also give advice on feeling better about yourself, letting you know your not alone and how to let go and enjoy your crossdressing to the fullest. They even give tips on how to walk like a lady, especially in high heels!

Plus many other crossdresser tips and guides, like how to make your voice sound more feminine, the right types of wigs to wear for your shape, Earrings and accessories to wear so you look complete.

stories of crossdressing
Making faces

Crossdresser makeup guide, by Kevyn Aucoin

crossdresser guide
Finishing school

Finishing school for crossdressers, by Veronica Vera

sissy stories
Get dressed!

Positive support by a crossdresser, by Gina Lance

crossdressing help
Crossdressing with dignity

Advice for crossdressing, by Peggy Ed.D Rudd

crossdresser tips
A Cornish crossdresser

True life crossdresser story, by Nicola Kernow

crossdressing stories
Head over heels

Crossdressing advice from wives, by Virginia Erhardt

There are even a few stories of crossdressing about finishing schools for crossdressers, by Veronica Vera. These take you step by step through the whole process of learning how to become a feminine looking crossdresser.

From styling your fingernails, the correct way to put on pantyhose, matching your dresses with your shoes, proper high heel walking and more you can find them all in here as crossdressing tips.

Many of these crossdresser tips and guides reveal secret lessons you may not know, like where to find beard cover that hides your facial hair, or how to make your nose look smaller with makeup tricks.

If your looking for stories of crossdressing tips and tricks, then click any of these great ones above and browse them all inside. Buy a few today and learn how to be a great looking crossdresser that can pass as a pretty lady! :)