True stories of crossdressing

Besides the fun and fantasy stories, you can find very good, thought provoking true and Autobiographical stories of crossdressing. These are written by real crossdressers, most that dress full time and pass in the real world.

Some are by husbands who write how they “came out” to their wife and how they worked it out together. Some are by crossdresser wives who tell how they accepted their crossdressing husbands and even made it perk up their marriage.

Yet other stories of crossdressing are very practical, fact and studies based guides on transgenders and crossdressers. They explain just why you want to crossdress and where you fall in the whole gender fabric.

These true stories of crossdressing are fun to read and make you feel better. Crossdressers can really relate to them and feel like they are not alone and understand what the author is going through.

crossdressing story
Alice in Genderland

True life story of a crossdresser, by Richard Novic M.D.

my husband Betty
My husband Betty

Popular true book of a crossdresser husband, by Helen Boyd

true crossdresser stories

Real stories of crossdressers, by Mara Drummond

Transgender advice
The transgender child

Raising transgender children, by Stephanie A. Brill

transgender stories
True selves

Helpful advice for transgenders

crossdresser stories
My husband wears my clothes

Autobiography of a crossdressers wife, by Peggy Ed.D Rudd

Alice in genderland is a very popular true crossdresser story. This Autobiography by Richard Novic M.D. explains what she went through, all her stages of becoming a crossdresser and how she lives now.

My husband Betty is another popular true story written by Helen Boyd. She tells of how she found out her husband is a crossdresser, how she accepted it and how they make it all work.

real crossdresser stories
Bert & Lori

The Autobiography of a Crossdresser, by Robert J. Rowe

crossdressing stories
New life

Real story of man who becomes a female, by Jackson Williams

true crossdresser story
The transgender companion

True transsexual guide by one, author Jennifer Seeley

stories of crossdressing
Memoires of a crossdresser

True story of a crossdressing husband, by Asher Stacey

gender stories
Gender Blending

Factual study of transgenders, by Bonnie Bullough

true crossdressing
Head over heels

True story of married crossdressers, by Virginia Erhardt

Reading these true stories of crossdressing will make many crossdressers feel better about themselves and offer insights into their own feelings about the whole thing. It may help you open up to your wife or girlfriend about it.

You also can get some great tips and helpful hints on crossdressing in general, how to pass, how to dress and how to come out to friends if you feel like doing so.

There are many true stories of crossdressing from many different authors. So click on one and browse them all inside. You can buy them in paperback format or Ebooks for reading on your computer, tablet or Kindle. :)